Levante Brewing Company

It all started with a 3-gallon homebrew kettle inside a college apartment. Early experimentation led to leaps of faith by our founding members, who scaled their ambitions into a 15-BBL brewhouse at 208 Carter Drive.

After years of planning, our taproom doors swung open for the first time in 2015. The cornerstone of inspiration came from a trip to rustic Italian vineyards by our founding member and Brewmaster, Tim Floros. He fell in love with the drinking atmosphere in Italy, where customer interaction and quality-focus are paramount. You can expect a new sensory adventure each trip to the taproom.

Each beer on the menu has a unique story. Cloudy & Cumbersome arose at the onset of our specialty can releases, which commenced on the winter solstice of 2016. Since then, we continue to elevate our craft in the pursuit of symbiotically fusing New World hops into contemporary IPA’s. If you’re a traditionalist, start off your session with a clean lager from our side pull tap. From there, you can meditate on one of our imperial stouts with or without decadent chocolate additions. Lighten things up with a refreshing fruited sour before making your way back to our classic and endlessly approachable Cloudy & Cumbersome NEIPA.

About Levante
Constant creation requires inspiration, which we find in abundance throughout the local community. Our annual anniversary party is all about Helping Other People (H.O.P.). You can donate canned food to the local food bank in exchange for full pours of your favorite beer. Bring a toy for “Toys for Tots” and watch your glass magically fill before your eyes. Community will always come first, and we’ve learned that craft beer tastes best shared with new friends while supporting a great cause.

We brew across styles and welcome all into our taproom, no matter your taste preference. Every brew is inspired, from mash to glass, and we hope you gain the creativity we put into every ounce, whether you’re meeting a friend in the taproom, cracking open a can in your living room, or enjoying one of our cutting edge IPA’s at a craft-centric bar in Philly, and now, across the state of Pennsylvania and in Virginia and DC. Much Love from Carter Drive, and as always, Elevate Your Craft.



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